Power Up.

Till The Last Beat Drops.

Poppins comes with an optimized power management system which allows you to stream your favorite playlists for hours. Whether it is stepping up your game in cardio or doing a marathon run of your Netflix binging, Poppins will stay by your side, providing you lossless quality sound experience, tirelessly.

  • 150


  • 360

    Mins of Video

  • 60

    Kms Run

  • 200

    Hrs Standby

Friendly companion.

Poppins is designed to seamlessly pair with any Bluetooth device - be it your phone, your laptop or your tablet. It is also tuned to support all popular headphones and earphones in the world (no counterfeits please). It is calibrated to adjust to any headphone type - be it In-ear Monitors, On-Ear or Over-Ear Headphones. All Poppins requires is the beloved headphone jack and its ready to go!

We have made it so simple that you require only 2 minutes of your time - Plug-in, Pair and Play. No Downloads, Apps or Softwares Required.

Lossless Sound.
That You Will Love.

We believe that the most important aspect of a audio is retaining the quality and authenticity of the sound frequencies that have been stitched together by the artist to provide their listeners with a beautiful sonic experience.

Poppins micro controllers are engineered to mirror the exact sound it receives directly to the listeners ears, without creating any time lag or drop in quality in between. Get high quality sound across the room straight into your brains.

Science Of Making
{ You Feel }

Our brain’s neural pathways act, react, reflect and accept based on our sensory stimulus. “When we hear”, “What we hear” combined with the touch of “matter” allows us to use our palms sensory feedback to put our brains in a playful calm mood. The science of this feeling can only be experienced when you touch, flip, snap and unsnap your little “Poppins”. It is a simple bio-sensation science packed into a small form to expereince joy of playfulness.

Poppins microform is magnetic, rubberized, ovular clay ball
- your hands will adapt to the magic of play.

No fidgeting. No spinning.
Just pure touch of joy.

Hello, Can you help me?

Want to know more about the song you love? Which all artists played on this album? Or You want to know the nearest Bar or Find a Uber ? May be you want to dictate a message. Poppins works with both Siri and Google now. Just speak into your mic and let your phone do all the talking.

Poppins smart audio management technology makes is great to use it outdoors with any digital assistant.

Google Now | Siri

Apps in Love : )

You can receive Voice and Video Calls on you Poppins straight from Apps like Skype and FaceTime, on the click of a button. Want to do a sing-along over the phone? Just switch over to speaker mode. You should be able to continue your conversation with your friends loud and clear.

Like Skype and FaceTime you can receive Voice and Video calls on Poppins though your favorite chat apps like - Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat. Start a conversation on the click of a button and talk away.

Skype | WeChat | WhatsApp | Facetime | Viber

Click. Pop. Wear.

Simple. Reliable. Compact.

Technology made seamless for lifestyle people. Poppins is designed to “not think” about technology and just enjoy the experience of music, movies or Immersive conversation. Your headphones are your personal choice. Extending them wirelessly is magical option to experience. Let it be your choice.

Chic & Stylish.
Magnetic. Waterproof. Rugged.