Make any headphone wireless instantly.

No Apps. No software. Just Pair and Play.

Wireless Freedom.

Plug. Pair. Play.

Poppins makes your favorite headphones wireless in less than 2 minutes. Unbox, Pair and Play, no software, no downloads of apps. Just pure seamless joy of Music or Conversation - hands free. You can control your experience - Play, Pause, Rewind or Forward freely. Easy to use and no set up required. State of the art Audio technology gives you most complete audio experience.

No compromises. Your daily use headphone, now wireless.

Listen | Talk | Watch

Colors of Life.

For All Beats and Moods.

Poppins is designed to stay on you, by your side, all the time. The magnetic clip allows you to clip your Poppins straight onto your fabric. Keep it on while you go dancing in the rain or for a trek through the rockies. Its Rugged and Water Proof nature will keep it up and running through most terrains while you do you.

Social Done Right.

The millennial way.

Go social with Poppins in under 60 seconds. You and your friend or soulmate both can come together and feel the social experience - wirelessly. On the click of a button you can ‘bond’ your Poppins with your friend’s and enjoy the same music, movie or even dance to the same groove at the same time.

Break The Rules.
Go Old School.

Poppins allows you to use your Dad's old Boombox or seasoned Mega Speaker Dock and stream music from either your phone or Mac Computer. Connect the Audio Jack to your Poppins and plug in straight to your speaker, connect and play.

It’s Magic. It’s Freedom.

millennial lifestyle’s

experience togetherness


Make your favorite headphones wireless.

If you want a social experience, simply pair with your friend’s gooseberry, and enjoy the same music, movies, games and more…

Works with:
iPhone, iPad and Mac Computers, Android phones and tablets

No software required. Just pair with Bluetooth and your headphones become wireless.

Enjoy Freedom :)