Battery Life

One of the most inconvenient aspects of Smart Watches is their constant need to be charged on a daily basis. Your classic watch whether automatic, battery powered or winding has been designed with long lasting use in mind. Thats why Smart Buckle, with its miniature form factor utilises the cutting edge of intelligent power management to give you extensive battery life, used daily or on standby.

up to 7 Days

60 minutes to fully charge

up to 15 days of data storage
no sync required


Smart Buckle is embedded with state of the art proven technology coupled with intelligent software algorithms. Its motion and sleep tracking sensor data is fine tuned, optimised and modelled for accuracy and effectiveness. Smart Buckle communicates with your phone using industry standard Bluetooth protocol for syncing your data and updating firmware on regular basis.

Miniaturised to fit within a compact steel frame with a Lithium Ion custom developed battery, Smart Buckle is inspired by Swiss craftsmanship and produced to match the style and aesthetics of the classic timepiece.

Move & Sleep Sensor | Bluetooth 4.2 | Intelligent Algorithms

Durable Design

Smart Buckle's durability has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can withstand the rugged needs of the modern world without any limitation on performance. You can wear it while washing your hands or running for a taxi in the rain. The steel enclosure is designed to be in harmony with the mechanical resistance of most luxury-classic watches. With a waterproof level IP57 certification your Smart Buckle is also well protected against dust and immersion.

20 mm Strap Size

Current Smart Buckle is designed to fit Leather, Silicon or Fabric straps with width of 20 mm sizes. It is not design to fit traditional steel straps.

5 Minutes To Install On Any Watch

Current Smart Buckle can be installed to either a General Pin Buckle or Deployment/Steel Clasp Buckle with spring bar mechanism (width of 20 mm size).

Supports Pin and Steel Clasp Buckle, for all 20mm Leather, Silicon or Fabric straps. Steel Straps are not supported currently.

Integrated with
Apple Health & Google Fit

The Smart Buckle seamlessly integrates with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. Even if you already own a Fitbit or Smart Watch, with Smart Buckle you can now also transform your classic watch into a fitness tracker. Irrespective of your fashion choice you now have a single place to view all of your daily activity and sleep, on the Smart Buckle app. All the data from the buckle can be directly synched to your Apple or Android phone's fitness dashboard seamlessly.

Get a holistic view of your data across all of your fitness devices and manage your lifestyle and your activities optimally.

Apple Health Kit | Google Fit