Save our planet from creating more junk.
Re-use and Re-juvente what you own -
make a mindful choice.

Smart Buckle can transform your traditional watch
and make it a fitness companion.

Poppins can transform your favorite
wired headphones into wireless one.

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make a mindful choice.

Smart Buckle

Steps. Calories. Pace. Distance. Sleep

Smart Buckle

Turn your watch into your Fitness coach

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fits over 500 brands.

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Simple. Smart. Tiny.

Free iOS or Android App. Included

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Plug in. Pair. Play. Transform Your Headphone to wireless in 2 minutes.       


Turn your headphone wireless in 2 minutes

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any color. anywhere.

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Colored. Cool. Classy.

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made for millennials.

our philosophy

our planet is our home. our humanity has advanced technologically and created a system where new material desires constantly emerge around and within each of us. while we value our possessions, we continue to acquire new products and gadgets for our daily life at astronomical rates.

we must stop for a moment and rethink our methods. can we live with a middle ground approach, where we can adopt new technology without obsoleting the old ones?

at gooseberry, we believe that as a society, we can choose to rejuvenate our possessions by acquiring products and gadgets that allows each of us to conserve more and reuse more without compromising the advances and adoption of future lifestyles, be it fitness, entertainment or anything you can imagine in your life.

our offerings are targeted to extend life of your acquired products and gadgets and in process rejuvenate the experience technologically.

we choose to pursue mindful trade
with a meaningful purpose.